Why Drunken Octopus

Drunken Octopus is the crowning touch to my many years servicing patrons, running establishments, dealing with suppliers & finally, supporting the industry with my software company - posBoss.

Over these years I have spent countless hours in cafes attempting to complete my admin work only to be distracted by a regular saying hi, meeting a rep for a tasting only to be pulled away to sort out a customer issue, wanting to plan new concept ideas with others yet struggling to find the perfect environment, or simply struggling to find a space to plan new cocktail concepts. It was these continuous life interruptions & frustrations that lead to creating the solution - Drunken Octopus: a members-only club designed around fuelling, connecting & creating growth in the Wellington Hospitality scene

J.M.R. McKenzie

Founder of posBoss, Regulr, Woah & JMR Cocktail & Co.

A founder & concept creator of Hawthorn Lounge, Cuckoo Cocktail Emporium, CGR Merchant & Co

& Roxy Cinema.

Part time cardigan promoter.